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Founded in 2003, Trusted Reviews exists to give our readers thorough, unbiased and independent advice on what to buy.

Trusted Reviews is a UK-based technology website that provides reviews, news, and analysis on a wide range of consumer technology products, including smartphones, wearables, laptops, tablets, TV & audio and home appliances to a global audience.  

The website was founded in 2003 by a team of technology enthusiasts who wanted to provide consumers with independent, expert reviews of the latest technology products. Trusted Reviews was one of the first online only publications.

Over the years, Trusted Reviews has become one of the most respected technology review websites in the UK, known for its in-depth testing, rigorous review process, and unbiased reporting. 

Trusted Reviews has two testing facilities in the UK, with expansion into the US planned in 2023.

  • Our London testing facilities and head office can be found at 44 Copperfield Street, London, SE1 0DY 
  • We have further testing facilities in Ongar, Essex

Trusted Reviews is approved for paying the Living Wage, regulated by IPSO for press standards, TAG for increasing trust in digital advertising and is G​​ood Business Charter Accredited.

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  1. Awards
  2. Who owns Trusted Reviews
  3. Our mission and values
  4. How to contact us
  5. Advertise with us
  6. Our editorial independence and how we test
  7. Our expert team
  8. Our policies
  9. Other writers


Proud to be nominated for a number of publishing industry awards in the last few years:

Trusted Reviews has also been widely featured in some of the largest publications on the web:

Who owns Trusted Reviews

Trusted Reviews is an independent Private Limited Company (Reg:12539953) registered under the company name TrustedReviews Limited in the UK. 

The company has been through various changes in ownership, with the history of ownership being as follows:

Our mission and values

Trusted Reviews’ mission is to provide independent buying advice for consumers. If you want to see more about how we create our content please see our ethics policy.

To create the best content we rely on 5 values:

  • Honesty and Integrity: Integrity is the foundation of everything we do. In every part of our business we are committed to operating honestly, ethically and transparently; even when no one is watching.
  • Readers are our heart and soul: We are committed to always putting our users first. We want to make sure they make the right purchase every time and we are committed to doing hard work so they don’t have to.
  • We do things better: We will never stop striving to improve and create better content, with better testing and better values as a business.
  • Global warming isn’t a debate: We only have one planet and we’re committed to helping protect it In every part of our business. We will factor the sustainability of the company and product in our coverage wherever possible.
  • Everyone is equal and welcome: TrustedReviews Limited is committed to be an inclusive, equal opportunity employer. We hire, develop and retain the best people regardless of their social background, age, sex, ethnicity, religion/belief or disability. As a business we are committed to create a work environment where we treat everyone fairly and with the respect and dignity they deserve.

How to contact us

You can contact us about anything at or drop us a DM on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn.

You can also find ways to contact each team member below or through their author bio on each article.

For general advertising and brand partnership opportunities, please contact
All logos and editorial content on and any of its affiliate sites are trademark and copyright protected. All commercial use requires the express written consent of Trusted Reviews. You can see more at our licensing terms and conditions page.

Our editorial independence and how we test

  • We operate under cast-iron principles designed to guarantee the freedom of our reviewers to express what they discover about a product. 
  • Unlike many other sites, we thoroughly test everything ourselves. We use industry standard tests, in properly equipped facilities, to evaluate products in order to compare them properly against each other.
  • Manufacturers don’t vet our reviews and we never accept money to test items.
  • Read about our editorial ethics 
  • Read more about how we test and rate products

Our expert team

The Trusted Reviews team is composed of highly accomplished technology experts in the United Kingdom. Our reviewers are comprised of seasoned journalists, who boast a wealth of experience in a wide range of areas, including mobile devices, computing, gaming, audio-visual technology, photography, and homes.


Max Parker, Editor

Max Parker

Max is the Editor of Trusted Reviews and has been a mobile phone and technology specialist for over nine years. Max started his career at T3 straight after graduating from Kingston University.

Max has written for other sites such as T3’s sister publication, Tech Radar. After joining Trusted Reviews in 2015 Max’s hard work and dedication meant that he has deservedly climbed the ladder, starting as a Features Writer, moving to Features Editor, then Mobile Editor, then Managing Editor, then Deputy Editor to, now Editor. Given Max’s passion for mobile phones, he is still active in our site’s mobile phone section. 

Archive | Twitter | LinkedIn

Ryan Jones, Deputy Editor Reviews

Ryan is one of Trusted Reviews’ Deputy Editors. With 6 years experience, he’s a master benchmarker and an expert on laptops, components, games and more.

Ryan started his career as a staff writer at Stuff before jumping over to Trusted Reviews as computing writer in 2018. Eager to review every product he could get his hands on he quickly rose the ranks to become deputy computing editor and then computing and gaming editor in 2020. In 2022 he became Deputy Editor, with a focus on reviews.

Before becoming a journalist Ryan studied Creative & Professional Writing at Bangor University, before going on to do a Masters in magazine journalism at Cardiff University.

Archive | Twitter | LinkedIn

Thomas Deehan, Deputy Editor Commercial

After graduating with an MA in History from University College London and cutting his teeth for several years as a journalist in the film and TV industries, Tom joined the Trusted Reviews team as a Commercial Content Writer in 2018.

Since then, he has expanded his skillset with a wide-ranging portfolio of reviews, testing the latest wearables, games, cameras, headphones and more. Outside of review content, Tom contributes regular opinion pieces and consumer-driven articles designed to help buyers make the right decision on their next big purchase.

Archive | Twitter | LinkedIn

Kob Monney, Section Editor – TV & Audio

Kob Monney is Trusted Reviews’ TV and Audio Editor. With over a decade of experience, he’s our resident expert on TVs, speakers and everything in between.

Starting as a stock manager at What Hi-Fi in 2012 he was quickly promoted to the Buyer’s Advice Editor, before eventually jumping ship to join Trusted in his current role in 2018. He’s a key team member who helped design our London TV and audio labs and create our ever-evolving test procedures. 

Prior to becoming a journalist he studied English and Film at the University of East Anglia.

Archive | Twitter | LinkedIn

David Ludlow, Section Editor – Homes

David Ludlow is Trusted Reviews’ Homes Editor. With over two decades experience covering the consumer tech industry, he’s one of Trusted’s most experienced journalists.

He joined the team in 2016, coming over from Expert Reviews, which he launched as editor in 2010. Prior to that he worked at Networking Magazine, Computer Active and Computer Shopper where he honed his skills as a reviewer.

With a 1st class computer science degree from the University of Kent he’s helped Trusted create a number of custom testing procedures and designed our current white goods lab in London.

Archive | Twitter | LinkedIn

Lewis Painter, Section Editor – Mobile

Lewis is the Mobile Editor of Trusted Reviews with plenty of phone experience, from the Nokia 3210 to the iPhone 14 Pro Max. He has been in the tech industry writing about phones, headphones, tablets, watches, VR and just about any other bit of tech you could think of since 2015, with a particular interest in new and exciting smartphone tech.

Archive | Twitter | LinkedIn

Hannah Davies, Senior Staff Writer

Hannah is Senior Staff Writer at Trusted Reviews. She’s been part of the team for three years having joined in 2019 as Staff Writer. 

Since joining the team she’s covered numerous industry events and launches, including CES and MWC and reviewed everything from affordable TVs to top-of-the-line phones and speakers. In the past year, she’s begun specialising in cameras, leveraging her personal passion for photography.

Originally from Cheshire, she studied English at Royal Holloway, University of London, where she graduated with a first class degree.

Archive | LinkedIn

Gemma Ryles, Staff Writer

Gemma is Trusted Reviews’ Staff Writer. With over a year’s experience she’s reviewed everything from shockingly bad “wearable soundbars” to cutting-edge laptops and triple-A games. 

With a keen eye for detail, she started Trusted Reviews straight after graduating from Leeds Beckett University with a degree in journalism where she learnt shorthand, journalism law, how to create video and radio news packages and photojournalism. 

Gemma interned with The Yorkshire Evening Post and did a shift with the BBC during the 2019 General Election during her degree, building her expertise in original and live event reporting.

Archive | Twitter | LinkedIn

Other staff

Chris Dicker, Managing Director 

Chris Walsh, Commercial Director

Eamon Looney, Head of Audience and Product

Luke Palmer, Head of Technology

Alper Cagatay, Video Producer

Liahna Harvey-May, Senior Account Manager

Martha Stanley, Social Account Manager

Yusef Mirza, Senior Affiliate Partnership Manager

William Branscombe, Editorial Assistant

Rhys Bolt, Graduate Management Trainee

Nick Rayner, Graduate Management Trainee

Our policies

Privacy & cookie policy

Trusted Reviews recognises that privacy is a key concern for our readers. We provide a number of ways for you to control the data you provide to our advertisers.

Read our privacy & cookie policy

Editorial independence and ethics policy

Trusted Reviews operates under clear principles designed to protect our editorial integrity and to preserve the freedom of our reviewers to say what they think about a product.

Read about why you can trust our reviews

Terms and conditions

We ask you to read our terms and conditions before using any part of our site.

Read our terms and conditions

Third-party advertising policy

Trusted Reviews requires our third-party advertisers to adhere to the following guidelines:

Read our third-party advertising policy

Labelling of commercial content policy

In order to ensure there’s no confusion between editorial and advertising, Trusted Reviews labels paid-for content clearly.

Read our policy on the labelling of commercial content

Modern Slavery Act policy

This statement is made on behalf of Trusted Reviews’s leadership team with regards to the Modern Slavery Act 2015.

Read our Modern Slavery Act Statement

IPSO Editors’ Code of Practice

The Editors’ Code of Practice sets out the rules that newspapers and magazines regulated by IPSO have agreed to follow. TrustedReviews adheres to the IPSO Code.

Read the IPSO Editors’ Code of Practice

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Why trust our journalism?

Founded in 2003, Trusted Reviews exists to give our readers thorough, unbiased and independent advice on what to buy.

Today, we have millions of users a month from around the world, and assess more than 1,000 products a year.

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Editorial independence

Editorial independence means being able to give an unbiased verdict about a product or company, with the avoidance of conflicts of interest. To ensure this is possible, every member of the editorial staff follows a clear code of conduct.

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Professional conduct

We also expect our journalists to follow clear ethical standards in their work. Our staff members must strive for honesty and accuracy in everything they do. We follow the IPSO Editors’ code of practice to underpin these standards.

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